Sunday, June 19, 2011

Opposable thumbs are definitely one of the big steps in evolution. We're incredibly lucky to have them. And it's really challenging to try to do without! This damned Trigger Thumb that is driving me crazy at the moment has reminded me how we take for granted that simple motion!

As soon as I try to pick something up, the joint will snap open or closed, usually flipping whatever it is I'm trying to pick up across the room - be it a pill or a jigsaw puzzle piece . . . or a fork full of rice! It's a pain in the ass! I have lost strength in that hand and can no longer open even the simplest jars or caps. Can't turn a screwdriver. I'm trying to learn to cook and brush my hair and my teeth with my left hand - at my age, that's like trying to learn a new language! :o)

The current suggestion is surgery - what I need is more surgery!

So instead, I'll throw in a few more photos I've taken in the last few days!

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