Thursday, September 6, 2007

Foggy head

WOW, this has been a very unusual week for me. Just looked at a calendar and realize its more like 10 days. Hope you haven’t been worried about me.

Actually at this moment, I’m very much worried about the welfare of my good buddy and our other friends in Kino Bay (in Mexico, where I spent several weeks this past winter). The eye of Hurricane Henriette looked like it was going to pass right over them in the RV park. Even if she had time to get out, I know now that our boxes that we call home don’t take physical abuse well. I’m very anxiously awaiting word on what damage my friends and the park I love so much suffered from this storm – and the people and their flimsy shacks in old Kino Bay – there is no shelter in that little town.

As for me, I’ve been in so much pain for the last several weeks, from the pinched nerve in my hip. I finally received a prescription for a muscle relaxer and started to search for someone who could help me.

Tried first to find an osteopathic therapist, like one I used in Tucson several years ago at Dr. Andrew Weil’s clinic – nobody like that here. Tried a couple of the pain management/control clinics – “we just give shots” – no thanks. Finally found a massage therapist who “specializes in neuro-muscular problems”. She said she didn’t think she could help me, but suggested her chiropractor.
I’ve been to see him four times now, with a marked improvement with each visit!!! I’ve even invited him to travel with me, but he said his wife would prefer he stay here. Oh well.

During this same period, I’ve been taking the muscle relaxers, to help loosen everything up. The prescribed half pill a day did nothing. One pill a day did nothing. So I tried two. And have been a zombie ever since! Nasty stuff! But I think they did help, and I certainly have been sleeping a lot - much needed since the pain hasn’t let me sleep well. The pills also made the last week – 10 days – just disappear in a cloud of fog!! Not unlike a few of those days on the road in the not too distant past. I quit taking the damn things yesterday, and today feel half human.

So, to catch up on my travelogue!
Monday, August 27th, 2007
Maine to Dover, New Hampshire

176.3 miles

Gorgeous day! Leaves are starting to change already – some deep reds amidst the green!

Lots of tops are down on the convertibles! Flags are flying everywhere! It’s grand to be home in the U.S.of A. And gas was only $2.69 instead of $4 something!

That said, my last week of mental fog has pretty much erased any memories of the drive.

My notes say this marina were in Bath, Maine.

Passed a large property selling two-story manufactured homes. I don’t think I’ve seen those out West.

This aircraft is passing over my head on its way to landing at Brunswick Naval Air Station.

Saw a sign for a Trolley Museum in Biddeford.

And that’s all I remember. Since arriving in the Dover/Portsmouth area, I’ve spent a lot of time on the road LOST! I often complain of how boring our towns out West are – all squared off, north/south, east/west. Never again! The roads out here meander all over. They change names, change direction, carry two or three or more designations at one time. Finding street signs is almost impossible anyway, and even when you spot one, it’s not on the map!

This has been a real experience, and with my poor head befuddled anyway, well . . . .

It is a truly beautiful area, if you don’t mind being lost. The old homes with their classic lines and a history to tell from each one – huge old trees – lots of colors – with water everywhere in lakes, rivers, bays, ponds, there are lots of bridges, sailboats and marinas – lots of church steeples – lots of photo ops!

Anyway, hopefully I can get my act together soon, and hit the road with a clear head. I see the chiropractor one more time, Friday, then I’ll be off again.

Received a message from Annette in Kino Bay since I originally wrote this – the hurricane turned and the eye missed them. They are getting huge surf which is eating away at the retaining wall. Hopefully that’s the worst of it!

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