Thursday, June 28, 2007

Still in Flag

The moon's almost full and it's a gorgeous night - but I'm still in Flagstaff. At least the parts for my water heater arrived today, so if the mobile mechanic listened to any of the messages I left for him today, I should see him in the morning and get the thing repaired. Hopefully!

In the meantime, I think it's time for a pseudo history lesson. I'm staying at the Black Bart RV Park - Black Bart? Who was Black Bart?

Black Bart, a taciturn road agent, achieved legendary renown because of his many successful stagecoach robberies and the bad poetry he scribbled and left behind. When he stopped a stage, Bar invariably used just four words to tell the driver what he wanted; "Throw down the box!"

In the years between 1875 and 1883, twenty-eight drivers ultimately did throw down their express boxes for Black Bart, and after nearly every robbery he left behind a taunting verse signed "Black Bart, the PO-8" . . .

"So here I've stood while wind and rain
Have set the trees a sobbin,
and risked my life for the damned stage
That wasn't worth the robbin!"
Bart never wounded or killed anyone, never took a lady's purse, and always used an unloaded shotgun for the holdup. He was eventually apprehended and sent to San Quentin for 5 years. After which he disappeared forever. Or did he?
As I mentioned earlier, this funky park, with beautiful big trees and views of the mountains, also has a Steak House, Saloon and Musical Revue. NAU (Northern Arizona University) music students are the servers and singers and provide a delightful evening. And as the menu claims, Bart guarantees you'll like his food or he'll bushwhack the chef and cook it himself!
Worth a visit, if you pass thru town!

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