Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sitting around the campfire

Actually, we were sitting around a bowl of popcorn rather than a campfire, but that didn't sound as romantic! Maybe it wasn't so romantic, afterall, since the mosquitoes were out in force - apparently they only found me edible, 'cause until I vacated, they seemed to leave everyone else alone!
Whatever - we had a fun sunset cocktail hour (or more!) - Bob, of the sailboat in a previous post, brought out his guitar, which he plays very well, and he can sing too, when we all can remember the words! I choose not to force anyone to hear me sing - that'd ruin the mood for sure - but it was a treat to be a part of the 'event'!

I had been planning to talk about the last couple days, which were varied and fun, but I just finished a great breakfast, and since those who know me know how important food is to me, I have to share that first!

I'd taken out a little steak to do on the grill last night, but it didn't get cooked - I just couldn't face the mosquitoes again. So I pan-fried it this morning. I made it into a sort of english muffin - except I used the last half of a dried up old 'everything' bagel, and the last slab of dried up brie - delicious combination - it was absolutely yummy!

Anyway, among her many and varied talents, Annette is an excellent beader! She makes really great earrings and necklaces and bracelets out of lovely crystals and beads . . . I've been lucky enough to get my hands on a few of her earrings!

While here, we've each collected a couple hundred pounds of shells from the beach. I've had illusions of making elaborate shell mobiles and hangings - yeah, right! So the other day, she dragged out all the paraphernalia necessary to do some beading work . . . tools, wires, beads, shells, clasps, hooks and what not. I brought shells and my rechargeable drill. It's a little awkward and cumbersome to use a great big drill with a 1/16" drill bit on these fragile small shells, but it works. Obviously I need to get a slightly more appropriate tool if I'm going to be doing more of this work!

So we were sitting under one of the palapas on the beach, in the ocean breezes, drinking margaritas (!! - for creative purposes, you understand !!), laughing and being clever - and I ended up with two necklaces and a great pair of earrings! Another margarita to celebrate our handiwork pretty much took care of that day!!

Then I was fortunate to be invited on another boat trip around our Pelican Island! Gorgeous calm morning, light breeze, and a gal down the road who takes professional photos of the area and needed an angle from the sea, all came together to mean a trip on the water!

Not anywhere near as many birds as when I was out to the island in early April, but it was still so special. The gulls that were nesting in April now have cute fuzzy babies running around on the beach!And there are a surprising number of Great Blue Herons on the island right now,
nesting too! They are so spectacular, so elegant, and with over a seven foot wingspan when they unfold into flight! Didn't have a good enough zoom to get
the two babies heads sticking up in this nest,
and simply wasn't quick enough to get the whole bird in the same frame when he tried to take off, but WOW to be so close!!

Obviously there are still lots of my favorites, the pelicans - along with Western Gulls and Cormorants, and the incredible Magnificent Frigatebirds who soar for what seems like hours without flapping a wing, that were laying spread-eagle on the rocks getting, getting what? a tan?,

and the colorful Black Oystercatcher!

And more that I can't even name. So far, I haven't been lucky enough to see the Blue Footed Boobie that supposedly abounds on the island, but the locals promise they are there!

But now it's time to marinate some shrimp for the barbie tonight, and mix a pitcher of margaritas!

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