Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lazy Days

My goodness, it's easy to be lazy down here! Birds singing, gentle breezes, clear skies, shrimp on the grill! Big, sweet, juicy, garlicy shrimp straight from the sea! Actually, they don't get garlicy until I've had my shot at them, but you get the picture! Last night we had shrimp and avocado and papaya with a little "Ken's Balsamic and Basil Vinaigrette" over it - yumminess!! And waaay too healthy!

Annette says it's the negative ions from the sea that are making us lazy - I think it might be the malaria we're developing from the mosquitos that insist on sneaking into our coaches . . . whatever, I'm in heaven!
and a quick p.s. here - in yesterday's message, I should have remembered to credit Annette with her absolutely splendid job of backing out of the other RV park the other day. As you may know, backing up a trailer is next to impossible under the best of conditions, and that definitely wasn't the best. But she was! I was so proud of her - we definitely celebrated that move!!

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