Thursday, January 4, 2007

Poor Penny

My poor sweet Penny - yesterday she went under the knife - dental knife, that is - and she is suffering today. Nine teeth, nine! were pulled. What with teeth she lost before she moved in with me, she now has eleven teeth in her tender little mouth. Thankfully, she has two in opposition on one side, so she still can chew some stuff and eventually work on bones again.

Apparently the lady who had her for the last five or six years of her life fed her Pedigree, exclusively. And it seems Penny was allergic to the food, probably the corn. When she found me, her ears were very badly inflamed and infected, and it was obvious she had dental problems. Bless her sweet little heart, her guts were a mess too. But she's done so well since she started devouring the stew I make!!

Amazingly, her breath is soooooooo much better already, which is a treat because she really loves to kiss!

Think good thoughts for my sweet little girl, please!

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