Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Home for the Bewildered

That's what they call this place I'm living in right now. Heaven only knows who came up with it, but it surely fits!

This is basically a blue-collar park, especially during the summer. Which is fine - works great for me. Inexpensive, as in half the cost of the park I looked at in Green Valley. It's a great place to break the doggies (now just Bailey) into the RV style of life. I've created a little yard by my coach, so Bailey doesn't have to be on a leash at all times. Most classier parks wouldn't consider allowing such a thing, if everything I'm reading is correct.

I picked a spot with a terrific tree for shade, so I haven't even had to open up my awning. This, in itself, is worth the price of admission, since every time one of our little storms roars thru, everyone rushes out to close up their awnings before they are ripped off!

It could be a really nice RV park, if a little care was taken - a little water for the plantings - disposing of collections of long dead trimmings and trash (talk about a serious fire hazard! and in our weather with the summer's lightning storms!) - updating the power supply and connections would be a treat too. My power has gone out at least 20 times already. Because I'm told by Sheriff Bill ("S.B." the son of the owner and sort of maintenance guy - more on him later) that my circuit breakers are a "hard set" variety, 30 or so years old, after trying repeatedly to reset them, I've broken off the switches completely. Now when the breaker pops, S.B. must dismantle the box to re-set them and then re-assemble it. Gee, do you think it's time to replace the breaker? "We're considering it."

But then there are the tenants . . . this is a real collection for the story books. For lots of fun stories, you might want to check out Annette's link over on the side of the page. She's been writing about these folks for about a year now. A couple of the coaches are temporary residences for people who are currently building or buying new homes, so in listening to all their tales of woe, just like the ones I went thru 6+ years ago, I can at least empathize and sometimes offer advice.

A lot of construction guys are in and out, working a job and then moving on to the next one. We have a white supremasist who is way radical, but who's 24-year old son is a doll and not at all like his dad. Thankfully the guy with three very tough dogs who ran free has left. There's a delightful hard-working young Mexican girl with no English who is trying to teach me a little Spanish, and another Mexican lady who comes to the park every Thursday with fresh homemade tamales and tortillas!

We often see the Border Patrol running thru the park after some alleged illegals, with helicopters circling overhead, although as far as I know, no one here has been bothered by anyone.

Sometimes, I need a little break from all this fun, so yesterday I went into Green Valley to get another skin cancer sliced off and treated. The little gelato shop next door was having a special that I just couldn't pass up...root beer floats! I haven't had a root beer float in years! Boy, that hit the spot on a 100 degree day!

Anyway, the park's been fun so far, and an education, to say the least. And a good way to learn some of the secrets about living in a box in a community of other people living in boxes.

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