Sunday, July 9, 2006


It's all her fault, Judge. It wasn't really my idea at all.

I was minding my own business, having a drink with a lovely, over 60, gentleman . . . mountain man, bright, retired military officer, helicopter pilot (I've had too many pilots in my life!) . . . when she walked into the bar and sat down near us. That was where it started - Annette (all names changed to protect the innocent, which she of course isn't) had recently thrown away all the trappings of civilized life and bought an old Airstream and hit the road. She made it sound so romantic, and my life was more than a little unbalanced at the time. It just seemed like a good idea.
So a short time later, Annette and I went into town to "just look" at what was out there in the way of RVs. Four hours later, I owned one. I don't know how that happened. Life has been even more unbalanced ever since!

I listed my gorgeous little house for sale, expecting it to take anywhere up to a year to sell, and two days later had a cash offer.

Oh my gawd, what do I do now? Unloading a lifetime's accumulation of STUFF, all priceless and vital to my very existance? That'll drive you to drink in no time at all!

I decided I had rushed into buying the RV way too quickly and cancelled the sale, to turn around and buy another one that I liked better the very same day. Patience and research are so important in life changing decisions, don't you think?

Then teach my sweet doggies that the funny looking box in the driveway is going to be their new home? after having the freedom of about 7 acres of land to play on? Sure, easy! Walk up that wobbly little ramp to get into the box? not on your life! Oh, is that steak? for me? well, maybe I'll try! anything for steak!

This is Talkalot, who was the sweetest guy who ever walked on four legs! He was a rescue, mostly a big yellow lab, but apparently a Basset snuck into the playpen because as you might see, his legs were only about 5 inches long. Marvelous disposition, the gentlest mouth, talked like a Basset, a real lover! Unfortunately, I've since lost him to cancer. He would have loved the ride, and will be forever missed!

His friend, Bailey, is probably about 13 and has taken to the coach life like a champ. He loves seeing and visiting with people, but he's lonely without his old friend around, so I guess I'll need to find him a new friend to keep him company.

So back to the "So Where Is She Now?" - the house has sold and closed, with the help of many good friends, I've disposed of most of my past life (house sales, donations, thrown away, which was the hardest, of course), and actually retained a few things, like photo albums and clothes and shoes! I've moved off the property to a local RV park while I got my act together, supposedly, and had several repairs made to the coach, and I'm finally almost ready to hit the road.

It's a bit daunting, but I'm being well looked after. Lola has been a tremendous help in getting me this far, and we have shared more than a few cocktails and laughs thru all the various catastrophes and successes along the way. One galpal is flying down in a couple weeks from Seattle and will share my first major adventure on the road back north to her home in Seattle. From there I will cross to Vancouver Island and pick up another pal to drive to the north end of the island to see my Auntie and cousin. Back across to Vancouver where yet another galpal will fly over from Honolulu to meet me to go "do" Alaska for a month!

This will be my major line of communication with one and all for the next whatever period. Who knows how long the adventure will last, what turns it might take . . . I'll update regularly with stories and pictures and gossip.

Wish me well! Please!!

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